Newport RFC & Newport High School

Newport RFC and Newport High School Rugby Academy are thrilled to announce a partnership dedicated to rugby development in the area. This collaboration solidifies a longstanding relationship, emphasising shared values that encourage individuals to strive for excellence in the rugby environment.

Newport RFC, in conjunction with the Friends Of Newport Trust, has been a steadfast supporter of grassroots rugby in Newport, offering financial assistance to local schools, clubs, and junior sections. Newport High proudly displays the FONR logo on their jerseys, symbolising these strong connections.

Several players, including Lennon Greggains, Josh Reynolds, Tom Workman, Daf Buckland, Will Reid, and George Young, who emerged from the Newport High School production line, have proudly worn the Black and Amber Jersey. Under the exceptional development of Rob Sidoli and his coaching team at the High School, they have gone on to represent the renowned club and, in some cases, the region.

Dray Jack-Griffin and Louis Pullen, the latest graduates into the Newport RFC first team from the High School, highlight the success of this partnership. The club remains committed to providing opportunities for these players to thrive at this level.

This collaboration aims to identify and support player pathways and rugby growth by sharing knowledge and experience. It also provides students with opportunities to understand the requirements for success in a semi-professional environment, not only as players but also in various aspects of a rugby-related career, such as strength and conditioning, analysis, physiotherapy, social media, sports massage, and marketing.

Newport Head Coach Tyron Morris:

“In my eight seasons with Newport RFC, we’ve established strong connections with junior teams in Newport and the surrounding areas. It’s crucial for both myself and the club to foster these relationships, providing a development pathway for players who may not fit into regional age grades or those who discover rugby later in their careers. I’m particularly excited about collaborating with Rob and his team at Newport High to design a comprehensive development program, catering not only to players in junior leagues but also those in local schools. Our mission at Newport Rugby Club is to forge a rugby pathway, offering individuals the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of high-performance professional rugby. With our solid relationship at Newport High School, I’m confident in our ability to achieve this moving forward.”

Head of Newport High Rugby Academy Rob Sidoli:

“Friends of Newport Trust and Newport RFC have always supported the Newport High School rugby academy and over the years have aligned a clear route for young aspiring players to continue their journey of rugby development. Their values are aligned to ours at the academy and they recognise the value of the development of the individual at both academic and rugby levels. The new Gareth Lewis bursary foundation that is linked to Cardiff Metropolitan University allows for players who love the game to specialise in other areas such as Strength & Conditioning, Social Media, Analysis, etc and we look forward to seeing that program strengthen with new outlets at Newport RFC. The environment at Newport High is evolving and the new 4G pitch is evidence of that. The key to any development program is the environment and the overall provision of Newport High Rugby Academy and Newport RFC will look to enhance that and ensure that Gwent has one of the best talent identification and development programs in Wales.“