This year marks the one hundredth anniversary of the club’s last invincible season, 1922-23.  Rugby historian and author Ray Ruddick has produced a booklet to commemorate the achievement.  Although Ray is a Pontypool supporter of many years he respects the history of Newport RFC and the club is very grateful for his work in producing this booklet.

With a playing record of 35 wins and 4 draws in the 39 matches played, the Newport team of 1922-23 is considered one of the greatest in the club’s history. Great players such as captain Jack Wetter, George Baker, Fred Baker, Reg Edwards, Ernie Hammett, Neil McPherson and Reg Plummer became household names.

The booklet is 84 pages long and is packed full of statistics, photographs, match reports and in-depth biographies of the playing squad for that season. There are numerous photos of memorabilia in a booklet that is well researched and full of anecdotes and stories long forgotten about the players that made such a great team.

Originally this was a limited edition meant for rugby historians and members of the Rugby Memorabilia Society but there are copies for sale by contacting

Dennis Bennett

Honorary Secretary

Newport RFC