Cash no longer accepted at Rodney Parade Bars

Supporters are advised that all Rodney Parade bars will be cashless for the 2019/20 season, with only card or mobile payment now accepted at the venue.

Rodney Parade is striving to deliver the best possible fan experience at our iconic home, so starting from Friday’s Newport cup match against Carmarthen Quins and then the Dragons double-header fixture against Scarlets, bars within the stadium will no longer accept cash.

Going cashless will increase the speed of service, meaning shorter queue times.

The venue has operated cashless payment since the start of the season for away football supporters travelling to Rodney Parade and this is now being rolled out across the stadium.

All major contactless debit and credit cards will be accepted, with chip and pin applying for purchases over £30. Mobile payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay will also be able to be used.