Newport 0 v 0 Lampeter Col
27 November 1884 - Rodney Parade, Newport
Lampeter College

Match Report

Newport vs Lampeter College

Western Mail Report of 28th November 1884:-


These teams met on the grounds of the former on Thursday afternoon. A considerable amount of interest was attached to this match, as Lampeter had this season beaten Llanelly, who in their turn had proved victorious over the Newport team, and a fair number of spectators had assembled to witness the match.

The teams were as follow:-

Newport; Back, T. Thomas; half-backs, T. Harding and C. B. Gratte; three-quarter backs, A. J. Gould, H. Watts, and F. Dowdall; forwards, T. Clapp, R. Gould, C. Jordan, H. Briggs, L. Williams, W. Young, St. C. Jones, H. McDaniel, and T. B. Jones.

Lampeter; Back, R. L. Jones; three-quarter backs, D. P. Jones, J. Morgan, and J. Edwards; half-backs, A. Matthews and T. R. Rees; forwards, J. J. L. Williams, B. D. Jones, W. Morgan, S. Morgan, J. D. Griffiths, E. Rowlands, Wolt, D. T. Williams, and W. Griffiths.

"Lampeter won the toss, and Newport kicked off against the wind. The ball was dangerously near the visitors' goal, when one of the half-backs relieved the pressure by an excellent kick, which shot it out of the 25. In dropping into A Gould's hands the ball could not have been placed in more dangerous quarters, as it immediately proved by that gentleman making a grand drop-kick which just cleared the goal, Newport thus scoring the first goal. The visitors now played with great determination, and soon compelled the home team to touch down. From a badly pitched-out ball Gould secured a free kick just outside the 25. The attempt to send the leather across the bar was a good one, but fell short. The ball for a long time remained in neutral ground, Lampeter being the first to gain any material advantage and, gradually driving their opponents back, compelled the Newport team to again touch down. On the ball being re-started the home team played with more resolution, and showed prominently, several times getting the ball within a few feet of the boundary line. Several good scrimmages took place near the Lampeter goal, with R Gould, seizing an excellent opportunity, obtained a try for the home team. The place kick was a difficult one, and failed. The result was that Newport won by two goals and three tries."