Birmingham Moseley
2013 Club Friendlies
Moseley 40 v 23 Newport
17 August 2013 - Billesley Common, Birmingham

Match Preview

Newport's PSF at Moseley

Newport travel to Billesley Common, Moseley on Saturday for their second PSF. It promises to be a tough encounter against the English Championship side who coincidentally are in the British & Irish Cup Pool that will feature the qualifying team from the Dragons region this season.

 Fixtures between the sides go back to Dec 1888 when Newport won at Rodney Parade by 1g,1t to 2t. Since then there have been 63 official matches with Newport leading W37-L21 with 5 drawn. Since 1990 the clubs have only played PSF’s and there have been 4 to date with Newport winning all 4 of which 3 have been away – but all have been close encounters.

1990/0 : W14-5 (A)

2005-6 : W22-21 (A)

2007/8 : W33-25 (A)

2009/0 : W25-23 (H)

Newport’s expected starting line-up will be :

Newport: G O’Driscoll, O Broad, D Robinson, D Franchi,  E Frewen,  E Davies, J A Quick, D Pattison, Andrew Brown, G Robinson, D Rosser, Adam Brown, B Lampitt, S Waldron, L Beach (capt).

Reps from :

Backs : J Leadbeater, J Evans, W Harries, L Robling, T Hancock

Forwards : N Williams, D Morgan, D Rogers, J Jeune, J Monck, J Sullivan, J Skinner, R Coombs

...there will be rolling replacements.

From Moseley website : ... fixid=1647